Take full advantage of your electricity assets with an empowering software solution.

XISOT makes it easy.

XISOT: More Profit with Less Chaos

XISOT simplifies electricity generation management and load assets management while increasing cash flow and streamlining ISO market interactions. Part of the Kinect Energy Group portfolio of energy management products and services, XISOT offers proprietary cloud-based software and predictive analytics. It’s a powerful, tailored electric solution unparalleled in the electric industry


XISOT’s proprietary forecasts are directionally accurate over 85% of the time prior to a new real-time LMP posting.


Kinect Energy offers eXpert ISO Technology to increase profits, optimize assets, and simplify ISO market interactions.


What does XISOT do?

Electricity Generators
For electricity generators


XISOT is a cloud-based electricity generation software that provides your specific generator data and offers real-time market pricing and forecasted price projections so you can take full advantage of your electricity generating asset.

For consumers who purchase wholesale electricity


XISOT  is a cloud-based wholesale electricity software solution that provides the forecasts and reports you need to participate in the market so you can optimize your purchases.

Our customers experience the value of XISOT every day. You can too.



Customer Success Story

Since we started working with Kinect Energy Group and XISOT, our profitability has increased by 61%. They are always looking out for our best interest.

- PJM Generator

  • Business challenge: Optimize generating assets to increase profitability

  • XISOT solution: Implemented XISOT to improve visibility and enhance decision-making. Real-time LMP forecasting allowed generator to get ahead of price signals and take advantage of monetizing opportunities.

Don’t take our word for it. The success of XISOT is proven every day with satisfied customers.