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XISOT Features + Benefits

XISOT technology gives you visibility and control. Whether it is an electricity generation dashboard, an LMP Forecast, or wholesale electricity reporting, data is refreshed continuously to help you make informed decisions on how to act quickly to increase your cash flow.


Tap into the power of XISOT. Be empowered today.


Take an inside look at XISOT

XISOT offers a unique combination of features and benefits unique within our industry. From personalized roadmaps to custom alarms to ISO shadow settlements to fully-exportable reports, XISOT is designed to make your life easier. Scroll down to view some of our most popular tools.

Incremental Price Monitor


  • Provides a roadmap so you know when to ramp up or ramp down

  • Highlights hourly targets

  • Shows your specific integrated cost curves


  • Simplifies decision-making

  • Optimizes the electricity generating asset using real-time data to increase profits

Forecasted Price Monitor


  • Forecasts your real-time LMP many hours in advance

  • Provides day-ahead and actual real-time LMPs along with associated summary statistics


  • Puts you ahead of the price signals so you can take full advantage of your asset's capabilities

Incremental Price Monitor Performance


  • Plots day-ahead financial performance comparing XISOT guided performance and the actual financial performance

  • Compares different strategies to demonstrate which approach yields the strongest performance


  • Quantifies the value of XISOT

  • Provides accountability

Customer Success Story

Kinect Energy Group and XISOT have changed how we manage electricity and for the better. They’ve become an extension of our team.

Energy Buyer

  • Business challenge: Mitigate the volatility of the traditional retail electricity market


  • XISOT solution: Used XISOT to build a proactive electricity purchasing strategy customized to the buyer’s individual operations and purchase needs.